👻 After 👻

created by andrew schneider
in collaboration with alessandra calabi, bobby mcelver, alicia ayo ohs
and with kedian keohan + peter musante
presented at
Under the Radar | The Public Theater

“Hallucinatory. Psychotropic. Miraculous. A show like Andrew Schneider’s “After” invites baroque descriptors. But I should probably just tell you that for most of the show I thought the stage was floating. The stage was not floating.” (full review) – Alexis Soloski, The New York Times
performed by alicia ayo ohs + andrew schneider
with kedian keohan + peter musante
and with kate athol, chelsea barker, lindsay head, sabrina jacob,
arielle lever, cecilia lynn-jacobs, ashley marie ortiz, t. thompson, jamie roach
and with the extended ensemble of  moriah cruz, talia paulette oliveras, elizabeth ferry, maya galt, connor gressitt, meghan piper johnson, matthew mahoski, malena pennycook, maggie tully, leanne velednitsky, daniel walton,
kait warner, brigitte williamson
and with special appearances from nicky paraiso, raja feather kelly,
suzzy roche, roy faudree, lisa sack, sally silvers